We create

Focused on giving customers what they deserve, we are always creating new brands and SKUs if there is unsatisfied demands.


Constant analysis of global trends.

Marketplace data processing: traffic, performance, ratings, assortment,
and more.

Automation of high-level criteria to evaluate attractive opportunities.


We develop brands from scratch: everything from creation, to design, registration, positioning, pricing and go-to market is done in-house!


While we develop products with both local and international suppliers, we prioritize local sourcing seeking to optimize lead times, cash flows, quality control, time-to-market and suppliers-relationship.

Growth, Growth, Growth

For us, it's all about growth! With our in-house developed tech, we constantly monitor our brands performance, evaluating metrics, projections, and new opportunities for improvement and growth.

Take Off!

Let’s scale e-commerce in LATAM together!

We buy

Our investment process is fast and transparent.
We make data driven decisions.
We fully acquire, or sometimes partner, according to the opportunity and context.
We respect deadlines and make successful transfers in short periods of time.

We scale

We operate international brands in LATAM applying data-driven tech across e-commerce channels.
1. We remove constraints by injecting capital
2. We drive portfolio and channel expansion
3. We centralize and optimize operations
4. We automate end-to-end processes

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